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Hello dear Windice family. have a great time and wish you all health and luck

this thread is about some ideas again . I hope it will be helpful : )

1. what happens to deleted wincoins at the end of daily contest?

well as all of you know, wincoin most usage is for daily WC contest. but another use is in the shop . it's almost forgotten or most of the users don't care about it.that would be perfect if there was a rule that after reset the users who have more than 2000 wc, will get 5% or 10% of their lost WC or else (the maximum amount of 5000wc) back to the account . but not as normal WC that we use in daily contest. just for using it in the shop . I like to call it shop coins . in this way there will be more attention to the shop and more customization for players and it will help to make windice and users beautiful.


for example if i got 40000 wc ,then after reset i get 4000 sc (shop coins)

like this

2. referral contest

there can be contest between the users who have the most referrals in the month. in this way the Windice gets more attention and users win too. for preventing the fake users there can be a rule that the invited user needs to reach at least lvl5 to be counted or some other rules.

3. adding tasks
I don't know if it's good or not but there can be some tasks for everyone . the users can get exp or wc or shop items by doing the tasks. some tasks like inviting others, making trivia , having a deposit, making a rain and more stuffs.

4. new game
this is not a new idea. I know everyone wanted that. but it's been a long time windice is not adding a new game . windice has great potential of many fun games. but I do like live version of crash personally. what games do you like?

5. crypto bonuses
let me explain: imagine you won 10trx bonus. but it's not claimable. you have to make it to a specific amount in a short period. for example 100trx . if you did it you'll get 20 trx added to your real balance. how to get it? it can be as a gift for deposits more than a specific value or the tasks that I mentioned in 3rd title. or in special events. or else .....

i know some of the ideas are not logical : ( but i'd liked to share them with you guys ...
if you have any good suggestion you can comment down below and hope that dev team will see our suggestions : )
ty for reading these ideas . sorry for talking too much . Love you guys : )
Thanks for sharing and knowing new features :) Be success more dear :)