New Coins to Deposit?

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I would like to see more options of coins to deposit. Preferably coins that have a cheap fee when transferring.

I'd like to suggest,

XLM from Stellar,

TRX from Tron and

maybe TRTL from Turtle coin.

All these coins cost very little to transfer and are becoming more and more popular amongst the crypto community.

Thank you for your consideration.

Thanks guys for your suggestions. More coins will be addedin the future. When exactly will that be? We do not know when, cannot give exact date and time. We can't tell too what coins will be added but we assure you more coins will soon be available and this will be more fun and exciting. :) Our Tech team and Admin are already looking into it and working with that plans. As for now, let us all enjoy all the perks and stuffs Windice offers everyday. :)