My weird habit when playing Dice and Crash game


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Few months ago when I was just new to this site that was March this year, I used to think that having good stable internet connection will allow us to have good rolls. More greens when rolling. So everytime I would hear planes flying I would need to pause from playing so to avoid hitting reds. Because I used to think that all flying vehicles flying above me would crash my rolls. Hahahaha! Same goes to playing crash. I also used to think that it's best to play during late hours and dawn like 10 in the evening to 3 am in the morning because that's when only few people use internet lines to go online and with that I can have great time playing crash. I would even stay at my window and would sometimes raise my phone when playing thinking the rocket in crash game would fly higher if my internet is good hahahahahaha! Because I really thought having less internet interruptions means more greens. Higher and longer reach of the rocket in crash game and that having unstable to very bad internet signals means too many reds in playing. Hahahahahahahaha!! And honestly til now whenever I am playing for telegram hunt and I am unable to hit the amount needed no matter how many flies made and seeds used, I would go to our window thinking I would finally get awesome amount of hits if I will stay there while hunting. Because until now though I already know my internet connection will not affect my game results when playing or hunting, that no matter how good or bad my internet is if my incoming rolls or flies will be green then it will be green, I still cant help but think that way. That I could get better results if I am at my window playing. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

So weird indeed. Hahahahahaha!

How about you my friends what is/are the weird funny things you do when playing here? Share it here just for fun and let's all laugh together 😆😆😆😆