My Millionaire Cousin🤑🤑🤑


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We heard a lot of success stories of gamblers winning life-changing opportunities but in the end, this opportunity went to nothingness. This story is from my cousin we live in a rural area wherein food is not a problem we have a garden for vegetables and each neighbor has poultry on their backyard. My cousin is a high school drop out and his source of income is his skills in snooker and cards he quite decent in playing. Years of playing cards and billiards he established his own tavern for gamblers and yes he is making a decent amount from it, he started to bet on cockfighting and Damm yeah he is quite lucky winning millions. BIG SUM of money was coming in but the UNFORTUNATELY everything has an end. His tavern was raided by the police because gambling was illegal. His luck on cockfighting was draining him badly. To cut the story he is now living in his parent's old house with 1 jacket and 5 pairs of shirts 1 pair of shoes suffering from arthritis. He Used to own a house, a car, and a big 400cc motorcycle living the life.

I Asked him " INSAN(tagalog term for cousin) WHAT HAPPENED?

he responded "Somewhere in the distant past I was a millionaire, I enjoyed life but now it's only a story'

“Some beautiful opportunities are like birds. They may be there but only till the next second!”
― Mehmet Murat ildan