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Why does my first offense is 7days muted? Just got chat a site link but it was not intentional also i'm not promoting it and i know it was my fault but 7days muted is too much for a 1st mistake i committed. Hope it is 1day or 3days muted only since first offense should be serve as a warning. To bad for me lost my joy in chat and i will be bored in now in 7days.
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When using chat, you agree to use to following rules:
Be nice and respect others, never ask anyone for any coins or/and money, don't use explicit materials, that may be uncomfortable for others.
Don't post any competitors links, or/and referral links.
You agree that moderator has the right to ban chat participants when any of the rules are violated, its customer's duty to keep chat nice and pleasant, however, if something goes out of control administrators are to take action accordingly.
Should you reasonably believe someone creates an unpleasant atmosphere in chat, please contact us for investigations and actions.
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