More options for bet range numbers needed (manual mode)


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I like the sliders and the ability to add or remove percentage win rate and payout.

But it's allmost impossible to select particular numbers for the people that like doing high risk betting.

For example if I wanted to select 4242 on a 0.01%. I have to slide.. add percentage change remove it. Slide some more takes forever to actually select the number I want.

A editable box with bet range would be great so I could just type from 4242. To 4242

Or if I wanted 8844 < 8866

I could just type those numbers in

Obviously I can keep sliding and adding and removing percentage to try and get the numbers I want but it's a painfully slow process ATM.
good to hear its not just me.

something like this with boxes to write in the values... for example this would be for 0.01 % chance on 9999
I hope for this to be added soon too.:D It would end any of my frustrations in picking the exact numbers that i want to place my bets between. Great way of explaining it.
Ah. this additional feature that I will look forward to, for now I am very difficult to manually set it to the number that I really want to target. But Setting the Target to the middle is already the Characteristics of WinDice (and I like it) ^_^
Yeah i also taught if there is this option added is better than slider which is a bit harder to select range. Really good idea bro to add ranges from and to which we will just type the range we want.