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Ok. So this scenario happened to me twice while doing the forum challenge. A moment in where I need to keep looking for my bet results lol. First time it happened, I have accidentally tapped on some part of this forum which caused some of my entries gone because I havent tapped saved yet before that disaster happened. Luckily I just need to search for my bet results in first 10 pages. But still, imagine how much scrolling I need to go through just to successfully search those bet results. The second time it happened was last night. And it was the worst. 6 of my entries gone because again I forgot to hit the save button and I closed my browser to have it refreshed. And because I know I have made thousands of rolls already, pretty sure it will take almost 200 pages for me to completely find those 6 entries I had. So imagine how many hours I have to spend, how many clicks/taps I have to do and how many scrolls that took me. Upon checking the time last night it took me an hour searching and recovering some of my entries for this weeks forum challenge. Hahahaha!

It really is best to save every entries inputted immediately right after so it wont be a hassle to anyone. Lol.
Because what happened to me last night was a nightmare 😂😂😅😅

Anyways so what I would love to suggest is for the history page to have more options for searching bet results. I think it would be best if search box will be available there so it will be more convenient and easier for us to search some particular bets. Also, the function which allows us to search specific date and time then once we hit SEARCH/SHOW RESULTS, it would route us to the specific page we would like to check. That would be great and would make our search easier and faster. 😊

Hope this could get noticed, heard and agreed 🥺🥺🥺🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️