MK0D7X you should not pick favorites


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i did nothigw rong MK0D7X and u mute me?tomki was typing in the chat way more then i was, which you personally advised me was not a problem, because its just being interactive with the chat, and then im told if i dont like his spam to just ignore him, then you turn around and mute me for being interactive with the chat, all i did was asked a fellow player how she was doing, and if she was winning and stuff, people like you shouldnt have authority because clearly u just pick favorites and then bully other people. all i was doing was being interactive with the chat, which you yourself told me was fine, then turn around and mute me. ur supposed to be professional, not childish, how is me asking someone hwo their day is going and if they are winning considered spam, but what tomki was doing was not, he should me muted if i am too, he spammed way more