Minor Improvements for DICE, CRASH or PLINKO?


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Does anybody else think the design of CRASH, in slow mode, is a little off from how it normally works elsewhere?

The number should be red when it is less and green when it is above
your target. The fact that it is automatically red or green reveals right away if you won or lost, so watching the animation is rendered pointless. There should be suspense as you watch it approach your target. There is an entire 10 seconds spent on a winning bet as seen below, and those seconds build up. You want your players engaged the entire time, if you can help it.

It actually works perfectly when you play your very first game; it starts out a neutral color, then changes to red or green at the last second.

This is how it currently works. The green appears right away.
This is the way it should be. Imagine you picked 440x.

It's too bad it doesn't reset to neutral, the game could be a constant nail-biter. Even DICE offers an animation option for added suspense and it doesn't reveal the result before it is done. CRASH has too much animation work put into it to be missing its most crucial element.

What do you guys think?

Any minor improvements you'd like to see in DICE, CRASH or PLINKO???
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You need to make sure that you yourself could pick up your winnings on any (x)