Marriage or Cancel - Game Explained


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Mod Anonep has yet introduced another new game in Windice chat called Marriage or Cancel. This is alike to Boxing game, only with different terms here. So if you are aware and know boxing games rules then this is a cakewalk.

Selection of User - The moderator may hold two trivia contests, with the winners becoming the first users to play this game. Mod can also choose two people at random, and not compulsorily needs to do trivia.

Winners of Game - Based on the answer message to Mod by user in PM, the result will be decided.

User 1User 2Result
MarriageMarriageBoth user wins
MarriageCancelWhichever users writes Cancel will win
CancelCancelMod/Host wins


Again, this game is played in pairs, and winning is contingent on our answer and the answer of the other user. This is exciting since you don't know if you/another user/Mod has won the game until results are announced.

The game continues with the two existing users each selecting one new user to play the next round. Similarly, this will continue until the Mod/hosts end the game.

P.S - The name is quite catchy and only our Crazy Mod can think something like this. May be he is marriage counsellor :p:ROFLMAO: