Mañana Habit


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What is MAÑANA?
It is a Spanish term which means tomorrow or indefinite future in English.

And what is MAÑANA HABIT?
How negative is it and how does it affect people?
Mañana means "mamaya na" in Filipino. And this word gives a very negative effect to someone's life.
Mañana habit means delaying things that should have been done immediately. According to some sources, it is one of the total dream killer as it prevents people from getting started. It is the tendency of putting off until later of the day or tomorrow what is supposed to be done and can be done right now. This is also one of the negative traits of people causing them to postpone doing the tasks that should be done right away.

One of the examples of Mañana habit can be seen at home. Like when you have to do your homework or project but because you feel lazy to do so, you then think of doing it the next day instead because you'd rather sleep the whole day yet you forgot the submission will be tomorrow. Same thing happens when preparing for the upcoming examinations. Instead of you reviewing the lessons for each subject on-time so you can pass the tests you instead kept yourself busy, watching movies and films, hanging out with friends or playing games. Wasting time on unecessary things so you end up failing the exams and getting too low grades. Mañana habit also takes place at times when parents command their children to clean their room but because they still feel lazy and they believe they can do it by the end of the day, they don't do the task assigned to them right away, not knowing they will have more things to do the whole day. And so they ended the day unable to finish all the tasks that should be done that day. One more example is taking meals. Instead of eating meals on time, some people would choose to eat late because it's either they are too lazy to prepare their meals and eat on-time, or too busy doing what they are currently doing, not thinking about the negative effect it can give to their health.

This habit can also be seen at work. Employees not doing the tasks assigned to them on-time because they think they still have "days" to do them not knowing they affect and delay the work of other workers inside that company.

We should all avoid this kind of habit. This is not a good practice.
Instead of doing things later or tomorrow, do it NOW, do it TODAY. Finish things now or you will end up regretting. Let's do things that should be done now before it's already too late. Let's stop wasting much of our time. Stop ourselves from feeling lazy let's go work work work. Keep on grinding and living our life to the fullest while we are still alive and kicking. Remember, lazy people achieve less and will always live a boring life while productive people will always achieve more, waste less time, enjoys life even more and are always happy and healthy because they always do things on-time. Let us be more productive and this World will be a better place to live than yesterday. 😁

Goodluck Guys
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