Loving Windice even more


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2 days left and February is over. And March will soon be on which means Windice anniversary is getting closer and closer Dunno the exact date of it's anniversary all i know is it's birth month is MARCH. So let me be the very first one to greet Windice HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. This greeting maybe very early but since I am so grateful and thankful because of Windice and since it's still February right now and this month is love month, so I would like to sincerely say my gratitude to Windice.

Lately, been trying other casinos. Deposited some, played their slots and fishing games but ended losing all my balance. Failed to increase my funds and never able to cash out. But here in Windice, I am able to increase my funds almost all the time and is able to cashout. Many times now. Though there will be times I would lose my funds because of rollhunts tlegram and forum, still there will be times my funds would increase 25-100% its original amount I deposited here. All thanks to Windice awesome weekly telegram and forum hunts. These contests dont just give me thrills and excitements but they also give me a lot of opportunity to earn money for my wants and needs. Hahahahaha char.
Just like this week. Deposited only 45xrp but because of forum challenge, my xrp increased to 130xrp. 😋

If I cant find my luck in fiat casinos, I can find it here and because of that I love Windice and I am loving Windice even more. Thank you for the opportunity you give me all time.
Some may say you are not legit bla bla but to me you are because I can always feel i am able to win and cashout here in Windice. Just need focus determination hardwork and patience.