Love lights the way ✨️❤️


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Dedicated to those who are no longer with us, but are a breeze, are memories, are part of the hearts they touched.

If we take a moment to ponder, memory is like a tapestry, and memories are precious threads we weave with love and sometimes with nostalgia.

As we journey through life, we carry in our hearts those who have departed, holding onto their essence in the patches of shared moments.

They are in the laughter of anecdotes, in those bitter tears when we think: how the heck is it possible that you're not here anymore?

Love becomes imprints that linger in every memory, making us realize that emotional connection transcends the barriers of time and space. It sounds metaphorical, but it's very real.

They say nothing is lost, everything transforms, and it might be true... because the pain needs to be alleviated, perhaps as a survival mechanism, but it never truly leaves; it just transforms into something more bearable. I thank memory and love for that immense task.

So, I could confidently say that death is nothing more than physical because when we are in silence, we still feel the pulsing of love, transcending beyond the tangible and intangible.

"In the darkest corner of life, love lights the way, challenging even death with its eternal radiance."
Seremos todos parte de un recuerdo para un día de los que dejaremos en vida