looking for bet x9900


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It is crazy to embark in search of the highest multiple x9900 to look at that train of reds that give more emotion to our game, after so much playing you stop your game because your balance is going down and you try to recover with a lower bet x21 x100 and to surprise pummm is when the x9900 comes out it is a total thrill. Every day we spend in windice is a new opportunity to win greetings windice family 🍀 att: Comando527
This is true that 9900x itself is a magical figure and to ascertain you get it is like once in a rare chances. So either you have really best of the luck in order to get it and on the the top you should be betting 9900x else at times it could just be that you are playing for 10x, 100x etc and you achieve that 9900x where as such it is a good thing but was not useful to you as you were looking for a smaller payout.
a lot depends on your overall balance and base bet... the dice algorithm likes certain bet values... 50 satoshi, 10 satoshi, 100 satoshi... those i hit at 9900x before... those seemed more probable to hit