Live life to the fullest


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They say life is only a borrowed time and once our creator finally decides to stop giving us more borrowed time then it means it's time to finally say goodbye to our mother earth and to the life we use to live. So while we still can breathe let's always try to live our life to the fullest. Smile and laugh a lot. Love a lot until it hurts and you can really feel the pain. Because feeling pain means you are still alive. Haha! Share as much as possible. Always give a helping hand and be nice to everyone around you though not all of them will be nice to you in return. Start forgiving everyone who hurted you even though it's hard to and ask forgiveness to people who you offended even though not all of them will accept your sorry. It's much harder to be living a life full of grudges so learn to live your life without a heavy heart. Because life is short and we never know til when we are going to live our life and when it will finally end. No matter how negative things will turn out, continue living positively. Always give your best shot as if everyday will be your last day here on earth and always enjoy life's pleasures be it positive or negative. If you fail today, be better tomorrow. Be the best version of you today than who or what you were yesterday. Be more caring, more loving, more giving and forgiving. Be happier, be friendlier, be nicer, be smarter, and always be BEST THAN BETTER.
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So true. Live life to the fullest. And never regret the passed mistakes just be always ready to face any consequences in what path u choose :)