Life advice (friendship, who to trust)


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In life we will encounter people who will be good and will be bad. People who will treat us right and people who will do us wrong. And there will always be these type of people who will not like you no matter how much you try to please them. There will be some who will hate you despite the good things you do to them and there will be people who will ruin you no matter how many good things you show them.
in short, some just wont appreciate the whole you.

So choose wisely who to be friends with and who to trust. Because not everyone is real in terms of friendship. Be careful as well who to tell your secrets specially the darkest ones because even a bestfriend can spill them once you two become worst friends. It's also fine to give what you have but do not give your hundred percent so when they decide to leave it wont be that hard and it wont be too painful. Better to leave something for yourself. Because remember, not everyone who you call "friend" will be willing to stay with you forever. There will be some who will ride with you as long as you have something to share and celebrate with and once you're empty, they will start ignoring and leaving you. There will be people who will only stay with you because of your fame or status symbol but once you get broke, they will no longer be there for you, they are no longer to be found.

Also, do not try to please everyone because like I said no matter what good things you do there will be some who will never appreciate you. Instead, stick to those who knows how to appreciate even the smallest things you do and even when you're empty. Who are ready to be with you even when the party is over and ready to listen to everything you want to say no matter how boring you sometimes can be. Appreciate them. Because these type of people are rare to find.

God bless and take care, happy End of March 2023.