Lets get to know each other more


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Hi guys it's me again. CHAR! So obviously I am still new here and I still am not able to make a lot of new friends.

So I made this post to know you better, who ever is interested to introduce themselves here in this thread. 😁
Just for fun.

Just say your name, country where you live in, hobbies, likes and dislikes, also when did you became a member here in Windice and what is your favorite gambling quote. 😉

Let's start with me.

Well, my name here is charorowtzXD but you guys can also call me Belle or Bela 😂. I obviously am a girl and I am 20 years old from Metro Manila, Philippines 😊
I love cooking and baking so obviously I love eating TOO. wahaha!
I also love dancing, singing and draw/sketching. But not into painting.
I totally suck on that one haha!
I love making new friends actual and online but sadly i dont have a lot of friends here yet because I cant go online here always because of my busy scheds as a daughter, aunt, friend, and employee. XD but not as a girlfriend cuz right now I AM SINGLE. and ready to mingle? LOLZ

my friend ate mow introduced Windice to me last february this year and I tried to register and play here around march. This site looks fun but not able to play much as I dont know much of the good strategies yet and i always lose. Hahahaha! still need to learn to adapt to what ate mow taught me about playing and mimic how she used to play wisely here and win a lot and still need to learn a lot of strategies to use in playing for sure win. But i am loving the community of Windice. Too many spammers 😂 kidding. 😉

My fave gambling quote would be, "my luck at the gambling table is varied; sometimes I was fifty to a hundred dollars ahead, and at the other times I had to borrow money from my fellow workmen to settle my room rent and pay for meals."
— by James Weldon Johnson 😉

P.S. Hope i'd get to know a lot of you. And became a friend here so I hope a lot of you would participate. 🥺😊💖
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ahahha cheers char , lets go to robinsons place pedro gil some other time jamba juice or coffee bean my treat
ahahha cheers char , lets go to robinsons place pedro gil some other time jamba juice or coffee bean my treat
Hihi. Thanks for inviting me on that friendly date. Very sweet indeed. I'd love to go but, you know work and distance wont let me. Haha! But do hope we'll finally get to meet soon. 😊😉