[knowledge] 3 curiosities architecture🏘️ from around the world 🌍


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3 curiosities architecture 🏘️ from around the world 🌍

Very known world record 828 meters: Khalifa Tower, Dubai

Construction, commenced on September 21, 2004, was completed on August 16, 2009. The height of 827.9 meters was reached on January 17, 2009 , and the official opening took place on January 4, 2010. The building has 163 useful floors. Its construction cost was $ 1.5 billion.


Saucer, Katowice from Poland

Saucer - a sports and entertainment hall, located in Katowice. Owner City of Katowice. Saucer looks like UFO. It's hillarious.​


And very impressive from country Austrialia...

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House has several halls for a variety of performances


  • Concert Hall, 2,679 seats, home of the Sydney Symphony, with a concert stage. It is equipped with the largest organ in the world with a mechanical structure, equipped with over 10,000 pipes​
  • Joan Sutherland Theater (Opera Theater), 1,507-seat proscow theater, home of the Opera Australia and The Australian Ballet​
  • Drama Theater, a 544-seat proscow theater used by the Sydney Theater Company and other theater and ballet companies​
  • Playhouse, a studio theater with 398 seats​
  • A studio, a space for variable interior arrangements that can seat up to 400 people Utzon Room, a multi-purpose space with at most 210 spaces. It is the only interior designed personally by Utzon, renovated in 2004 under his supervision​
  • Forecourt, a multi-purpose open space for free configuration, including the possibility of using monumental stairs as seats for spectators​


Sydney Opera House - an opera house in the style of modern expressionism, located on the Bennelong Point Cape in Sydney.

The opera house was built in the years 1959–1973, it was made of steel, concrete and glass. The opening took place on October 20, 1973 - Queen Elizabeth II attended the ceremony. The main architects were Jørn Utzon and Ove Arup, whose design was selected from among 233 submitted by representatives of 32 countries around the world.

Utzon was awarded the 2003 Pritzker Prize. The opera house was entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List on June 28, 2007!

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