Journey to Bitcoin World


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Bitcoin exists from over a decade now and initially for few years it was a alien to most peole in the world as never heard about it so forget what it does and how helpful it could be in future. But 2017 changed the whole dimension when it peaked near 19k and every Newspaper, Magazine/Media started covering it and slowly word of mouth even started spreading it.

Lets discuss here your journey and experience to Bitcoin world.

In my case couple of year back one of my friend was speaking to me and showed me results about his portfolio. That made my eyes wide open and later based on my research and understating it attracted me and joined the wagon from there. Bitcoin has being a real revolutionary and has huge power and has being changing the world in many ways. User experiences while transferring money worldwide or going cashless across world is possible now in future once the country accepts it and merchants start accepting bitcoin as payment which I am sure will be soon.

Happy Investing and Happy Times...