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So we all know how there are tons of materials in which are almost impervious to damage. Well I did a lot of research and I know it’s gonna be a surprise to most. Maybe even a little bit mind blowing but the material that I found can withstand the most damage. Is the human butthole so with that out of the way I got to thinking about it . What if they made like an everlasting butthole ring ? Hell multiple use super rings lol . I mean they can be beat mangled even chewed up and can pop right back into the shape of a butthole instantly. You all know the gas station candy fruit flavored rings well we could add flavor. But wait after flavor is gone and rinsed you have a everlasting hair scrunchy. I’m telling you folks nothing like it anywhere and I know what you might be thinking where would we get the massive amount of buttholes figuratively speaking lol. And first thought organ donors in its can’t be damaged or the rise in abortion may be the key to and endless supply of anus . So keep those eyes out for your very own Everlasting butthole rings now in 2 extreme flavors Musky Peach and all natural Homely flavors. Lol I don’t know I wrote this a year or so ago have yet to get any feedback lol hop y’all enjoy it