January 29 events


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It's the last week of January and February will be starting few days now. Which means, Valentine's day or International Hearts Day is nearing. Oh I bet a lot of you are planning something special for your partners and or crushes on that day. How lucky are those who already have someone to celebrate with on that event. Me I have none. Hahahaha! How sad. Lol

Ok, but before that, let's talk about today's events, January 29th.

Don't you know that today is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, National Puzzle Day and National Corn Chip Day?
Well, I don't know this as well and I don't know which country/countries celebrate these events but according to holidayinsisghts.com these events are celebrated this day.

According to holidayinsights, Bubble wrap was invented in 1960. And as to why Bubble wrap appreciation day is being celebrated? Well according to holidayinsights, it all started when, allegedly, a radio station in Bloomington, Indiana received a shipment of microphones wrapped in bubble wrap. While unwrapping and setting up the microphones, the sound of bubble wrap popping was inadvertently broadcast on the radio. And as a result, Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day was born.

As for the National Puzzle Day and National Cornchip Day, holidayinsights wasnt able to uncover any factual information about the origin of these events. Who created it, where and when remains a puzzle.

Anyhow, because of these said events, I bet this is a very good day for us to destress specially you guys who are very tired from work, or who needs a little break from playing here in Windice. Hehe

While taking a break from playing Dice, Crash, Plinko Roulette, wheel or Slots, why don't you as well grab some bubble wrap, some corn chips and have some puzzle books or puzzle apps. These are a perfect trio to destress and enjoy your weekend. Solve some word puzzles or sudoku while eating Cornchips with a yummy dip and popping some bubbles in the bubble wrap. You can also eat Cornchips while playing here in Windice and pop some bubbles whenever you get red hits. Hahaaa!!!

You can also try inviting friends over to enjoy together with you
Come on try it. It's worth the fun. 😁

As for us here in Philippines, we have a week long event which is celebrated from January 26th to January 31st. It's called the Boracay International Fun Board Cup and Big Air Challenge. This event is held in one of our famous tourist spots here in Philippines which is Bulabog Beach, Boracay Island. Boracay International Fun Board Cup is a sporting event that’s worth the trip to paradise. Bulabog Beach in Boracay Island is famous for strong winds making it extremely popular among windsurfers and kiteboarders. This annual international event has been held in the island for more than two decades. After the competitions, spectators and contingents are treated to the vibrant nightlife and relaxed beach vibe of the island, along with excellent food and beautiful scenery.

So if you guys are a traveler, someone who loves adventures and a sports minded and or a partygoer, then Boracay Island is perfect for you. Hihihi. So put our country in your bucketlist. Hahahaha!!!! Chaaarrr!!! 😆😆😆