Is Gambling Always Fun?


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Hey there, my dear friends! I hope you're all doing well and feeling happy. I wanted to share some advice with you, just like our wise grandparents used to do haha.

Now, I know that gambling can be a lot of fun and bring joy into your life. It's tempting to dive right in and enjoy the thrill, but I urge you to be cautious. It's important to understand that gambling comes with risks. So, here's my suggestion: only gamble with a small percentage of your total money.

For example, if you have $1000, it's not wise to put $500 of it into gambling. Instead, play with less than 5% of your total money. Actually, even this percentage is quite high. It's better to play with even less money, so that if you do lose, it won't have a major impact on your life. The first step in gambling is accepting that there are both wins and losses, and you won't always be the winner. If you don't accept this rule, you might end up losing more than just money.

Let me share a story with you :

Once upon a time, there was a boy who started with just $1 and managed to turn it into $200 through gambling. He was overjoyed by his unexpected success and continued to gamble. At first, nothing seemed to go wrong. However, after a few years, he got married and promised to quit gambling. Secretly, he continued to gamble, risking his entire monthly income. Unfortunately, he lost all his money and still couldn't accept the loss. Desperate, he started borrowing money from others, which was the worst decision he could have made. After a few weeks, he had no choice but to confess the truth to his family. After much argument, the family decided to help him and repay the debts. He promised once again to quit gambling, and for a while, everything seemed fine.

But then, a feeling crept into his mind. It told him to continue gambling in order to recover his losses. And you know what he did? He borrowed even more money than before, hoping to win it all back. He didn't stop to think about the consequences if he lost everything. And unfortunately, he did lose it all. This brought even more problems and debts to his family, ten times worse than before. It wasn't easy for the family to handle, but thankfully, everything eventually turned out fine.

Remember, my friends, it's important to accept the possibility of losing.

fun fact : This story belongs to my brother, haha! Gambling can be entertaining, even when you lose, but remember not to bet all your money. Don't rely on miracles. I admit, he has made many mistakes, but he's family, so we don't hold it against him. I truly believe that health is much more important than money. Wishing everyone a long and healthy life! 😊 and big wins : )
In gambling there is one Golden rule. "Only bet an amount you can afford to lose". Unfortunately it looks like 80-85 percent of the total gamblers always break this rule. And even if let us say some on this 80-85 percent soon learn to control their limits, it is not always. There always come a time when they keep breaking it because when they deposit to play the first thing will always be "i want to make my money grow". After few winnings they then realize "oh i want to play little more, so I can have enough money to cashout and pay for transaction fee." Blablabla. And because they continued playing, they lost what was supposed to be their "profit" and even lose some of the funds they have deposited which then triggers them to continue rolling more hoping they can recover the loses they had but luck turned black and all funds slowly sinking until everything goes zero. This happens all the time to players who dont or always lose control. Only a few can really manage to set boundaries in gambling. That's for sure