Is crash in Cryptocurrency coming in?


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The year by far has being a huge roller coaster ride and can expect the same in near future too. The market volatility is nearly all time high and hitting all the countries very badly with their currency deprecating against the US dollar. This is making a big hole in the pocket of normal people. There are news that recession could hit the market as still war is on and if nuclear power get involved or other country attacks any other in interim we are set to go back many years if war extends to few more countries and crypto will continue to fall.

The year started with btc prices close to 47000$ and in March it had achieved nearly the same price which was high for this year. After, that we have seen it steadily declining till now and reached at present to 19400$. If global scenarios continue hitting the world then cannot expect crypto currency to rise and further fall is inevitable. 2022 has seen more of a downside only till now and not expecting scene to change immediately.

So what are your strategy in terms of buying to investing in crypto currency? Are you expecting further fall and will wait till situation gets cooler across the countries and things look better or will you invest a small portion at every fall and stay invested as considering for long term only. For short term you can take advantage of volatility with higher risk. Or will you choose the third option to stay away from crypto for few months before you take a dive again?