International women day


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International women's Day is celebrated on 8th march(keeping in mind march as international women month and 8th march week ss womrn week)every year to mark contributions of women in making a society. Some early lores explain that march started to be known as women's month when female Garment workers in New York city had strikes to demand for better working conditions in 1857 but it is not considered by the socialist leaders since no reference was ever reported about this movement. Today we know that women day concept actually started between 1909-1911 when working women in the United States protested against extra workloads, low wages and unfavorable working conditions under National Women's Trade Union League. This movement started after the tragic fire incident in Triangle Shirtwaist Factory back in march 1911 that caused death of 120+ working girls. Apparently, in Europe Clara Zetkin declared 8th march to celebrate working women around the globe. Marking this day enabled thousands of women to volumize their voices in Russian Revolution in 1917.
Ever since, the women day is celebrated in several ways to appreciate the women in every possible ways. The UN announces a theme for women day celebrations every year . This year theme for women Day is "Invest in women: accelerate the progress" where challenges are converted to opportunities to help women women progress.
However, on personal scale it is all of our responsibility to make women feel special and appreciate them for the efforts they make to make our lives easier. Life is bicycle, where women and men make wheels and either of them missing, makes it tough to move. So recognise the efforts and role women have and empower them to life moving on.
Here are my personal tips to make your women wanted (including your mother,sisters, wives and colleagues):
1) Buy them a Book
A great writer once wrote,"Give me an educated mother I will give you an educated Nation".
This means women education is very important in progressing a nation so buy your beloved women a book to increase in their knowledge.

2)Bring them flowers
Flowers are way of showing love and included least efforts. It has least investments included with a bookey under Rs300.

3) Cook for her:
It is always a women that is cooking in brown household. On this women day, give her a day off from thos responsibility and make her wanted by cooking her favourite food.

4) Write her a poetry or note
Women have very good attachment towards poetries and notes. So express your love and gratefulness to your women through a handwritten note or poetry and broaden her smile.
5) Educate about Women day
Alot of us barely know about women day, so educate your familyies about women day to let them know worth of women in their lives and show their appreciations to the women in their lives.
Here were my tips for least you can do for your women. Now it's your responsibility to make your women feel special this day.
Happy women Day to all those powerful women who gave their blood and sweat for making the world better place to live. Power to all women!
Congratulations for our women being in this women's day. Be happy, be success more, be strong enough our mindset too .. 💟💟🌻🌻🌻