In WINDICE, it is possible


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Hi friends, good day and happy weekend. Hope you are all doing fine and winning in life.

Whenever I visit Windice to see what's going, I see some people saying it's o longer possible to win here in Windice. That's it's hard now to win and withdraw because games are getting harder and only reds show lately.
So today, I wanna give you more inspiration and motivation. Today I wanna encourage you more. That here in Windice it still is possible. Possible to win and withdraw. The site is consistent in it's legitimacy I can say.

It is possible to win and raise good balance even without deposit.
I'm sure many can attest to that.

Those players who win a lot in Daily Wincoin Contest can prove that IT IS POSSIBLE.
See the daily results here,

Here in Windice, it is possible to hit even the max multipliers no matter how big or small your balance is and no matter what coin you use. You can check entries of the hunters who hit max multipliers in DICE, CRASH and PLINKO here in Mod Mowmow's ongoing event, Thread 'WINDICE BIRTHDAY SPECAL HIT THE HIGHEST MULTIPLIER'
You will see that some players can even hit the max multipliers many times a day.

That here in Windice, even if you have small balance and is afraid that you only have small chance to win, it can still be possible for you to hit big and withdraw huge one. Just keep believing, and dream big. Keep pushing and keep trying. Do not lose hope and be very determined to win BIG.
I remember someone hitting 9900x this month with small amount of XRP and withdrawn 5000 xrp I think. And that is very awesome. He's a one very lucky guy.

That here in Windice, you can withdraw even if the balance you only have to use for playing is from rain and faucet. There are some who can do that.

And that it is still possible to withdraw if not daily, it can be on weekly or monthly basis. You just have to be wise, again determined, and eager to win. Joining contests like twitter & instagram giveaways and hunts in forum and telegram can help you raise money in an awesome way.

Here is my own proof.

I haven't had any recent deposits.
My last deposit was first week of March.


And guess what, that deposit already gone after joining one forum and telegram challenge that week. I lost that deposit because I have been hunting 9900x in Dice and Crash.
But because I am one of the winners of the forum challenge that week I received 0.00030588 BTC the following week. I again joined telegram challenge but stopped because of slow internet. I instead played in the slots and then tried my luck again in 9900x in Dice and Crash. I got lucky in Crash and my remaining 7k satoshi BTC turned into 0.001+ sat BTC. I have joined more forum challenge and my Btc increased 50k sat more while hunting then exchanged those to XRP then withdrawn almost 30 XRP.

And since I am one of the winners again in the forum challenge i joined, I received 34666k sat. as reward. And this week, I tried my luck again hunting for the forum challenge. And my remaining BTC which is 34666k sat turned into 56660k sat or 0.00056660 BTC and aside from that, I again will receive reward this coming Monday because I luckily completed the challenge.


So, is it possible to Win here in Windice and withdraw?


Before I end this thread, let me show you all my withdrawals since July 2022

Screenshot_20240330-174907~3.jpg Screenshot_20240330-174904~3.jpg

Screenshot_20240330-174853~2.jpg Screenshot_20240330-174849~2.jpg

Total of 7 pages already. 😁 And manifesting for many more withdraws to make in the future. 😍😍🤩🤩🤩