In Game Chat Stories : Fishing


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during my first days in gambling as a newbie i was one those players who tried to tip high colored or high vip players LOL and in return hoping that they would give me something back when they land a good hit hahaha! but that fishing attempt didnt paid off so i tried to increase my level or in game status so that someone in the pool of newbies would do the same i did when i was a newbie hahaha !!! So lesson learned never tip a high wagerer player and expect something in return lol ! How about you guys did someone tip you already unexpectedly ahahah !! i swear thats not me lol
story numbah 2 : there was this one time a player was saying donate to this guy he is a veteran soldier who died just recently and everyone poring cents to dollar to this so called account and me of course tip that account and low and behold that account was his alt and everyone was laughing big time because we got skemmed lol but yeah true story. we got played hahaha
story numbah 3: Friends: as you continue your days in gambling definetly ull meet friends along the way both good and so so or just acquintances , often youll meet them on chat rooms and group chats and one thing that is for keeeps is finding that one friend who has the same vibe as you belonging to the same wavelength and for years even in ups and downs that friend is still there even if you guys only met online , well case number two is some chatters are just so so and only there for a reason and that reason only xD thus for that ill end the story here and make a new thread if you guys are interested in the continuation of both stories lol !