Imagine when you got 1 bitcoin from tip


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Imagine when you got 1 bitcoin from tip

When do you will get 1 bitcoin from tip by unknown players and what do you should do it?

My comment: I would report to support chat and give back to unknown players if he did wrong really. I think something seriously case. I dont touch this 1 btc and no gambling. It's huge money seriously.

There is safe from and you don't will receive instant 1.00000000

Will show "hold"

I am grateful to the developers who did this to for safe you for a lot of money.

Proudly, great Windice!
well 1 bitcoin worth a lot . but in other site i saw huge tips of eth but not king coin BTC . as according to you if they made a secuerity system for this types of mistake that's really amazing cause on other site its don't
Indeed 1btc with current prices means 40,000$ which itself for many of us like me here will take years to earn it. Well first it would never happen and secondly just in case if happens if just like Windice it will be on hold as such big tips require a double eye check and confirmation as well.

Not sure about site how it functions, but will let support know of incidence and then let them have a look and will return back unless somebody wants to tip it then will accept it.
When i get 1btc tip cashout and run dint come again gambling lufe lil
yah.. i never seen 1 btc tipz... but i tipped users 1.5 LTC before and been tipped 10 LTC at one time :)... recently about a month ago