I'm Back!!!!


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Hello Windicers! It has been a while since I have posted and logged into my account here.
I am back! wiser but coward.

I know now what gambling can do to me and what money can make me feel.
I have my glory days where I win really big (subjective) and enjoy my winnings like there's no tomorrow and there are times when I lose and sulk.

You may be wondering why I left the casino. It's my job. It requires me to focus plus the people around me are toxic.
Did I regret stopping? YEEEES!

While most of my colleagues and friends thinks that gambling is not good, to me, it is what's keeping me alive-mentally and physically.
Gambling gives me that adrenaline I can't get being the "nice guy" I need to portray in front of people. It is my source of energy- the feeling of winning and/or losing.
I actually earn more gambling than working hard in the office.

Why did I say that I am back wiser but coward? When I was younger, I don't think much of the value of money. I just play to enjoy. Now, I play to win and its making me coward. There is nothing wrong with being a coward, it is the stopping force I need to not lose all. Being a coward is a good thing.

I will share more of my stories from before. Watch my posts