I hit 9900x using wincoin after 2days!


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I actually never tried, hunting higher multiplier than 5000x but since the other day I want to take an experiment on how many bets would I hit the 9900x. Yesterday I play about 500wincoins and when I am out of wincoins I drop the game, didn't play, and only used chat to get, some wincoins and continue my experiment.

I change my seed before I started the game and yah, definitely, to take record of how many bets would I make to get the x9900!! And surprisingly I got it with only 1123 bets!
Why I am so lucky! Hahaha!

Actually I never tried it since the beginning! Hahaha. But yah its cool!

What if I hunt it using 10sats?

10x1123= 11230sats is only the capital I need to hunt that! And the reward will be 98999 sats! Hahaha. That was exhilarating! The game is fairly fair. Lmao.


Now I am at top 2! Hahaha. Thats cute! Ahhaha


Well I was just surprised to hit that! I feel so lucky today! Hope no one would take my spot on the top2! Hahahha 🤣🤣