I have reached my 21st level.


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Last february 7, I have reached my 21st level at Windice after spending 34 days and 21 hrs. So what can I do with level 21st and what are the advantages for this level?

1st. I can already access the faucet for other cryptocurrencies, in the following condition,

a.) I shall have not any balances present in my bank or in my gaming wallet. Everything should be emptied first before I could finally have access to it.
b.) I shall be deducted of 200exp if claimed faucets.

2nd. I have my Rakeback unlocked
I have received a rakeback of 1% of my total wagered. And it was funny. Because I don't play a lot. That means the more you wager the more you receive rakeback but take note that the rakeback is only at 1%.

3rd Store Discount
I can buy at store at 3% discount!

4th. My Wincoin faucet have increase
I have not tried using faucet yet. But we'll see.

5th. I already saw that the rain increases.
My rainchat bonus increases to 4%. All the more I will chat than wager. Haha.

The site has made a lot of changes last month and there are a lot of games added. The updates makes the site more attractive and engaging. I noticed too that there are also a lot of new players in the site. :) Hmmn overall I am still not addicted to gambling and it is still an entertainment.

Anyways, have fun playing all! :)