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I can see more of members in weekly challenges, were the same people of the last weeks challenges. And they are pretty much good at hunting, they can hunt from 50x to 4000x or more! And I was really amazed how they do that! Are you curious too? Anyways I am sharing my hunting tricks!

My hunting tricks, falls into using wincoins at first and then crypto coins afterwards. But there are times I am hitting my hunt with wincoins faster than I could ever think! So when this things happen, I made sure to use crypto the whole hunting but making some rules, when hunting, at plinko 130x, I made sure to change seeds every 6 times I hit the 26x! And sometimes, when it I didn't reached and my hunting counts over a thousand, I immediately change seeds.

While hunting in plinko, you need patience, in crash, I have tricks, you just have to hunt the multiplier you want, let us say you were hunting x400 if you didn't hunt it at 100 or 200, I leave the play, and comes back after many hours and get a new seed then viola after over 50 tries or so, I will get my hunt! Its fun! Haha! Crash is much more achievable to hunt, at least for me.

On dice they are certain pattern on the numbers, and during the game, there are particular repeating numbers that occurs, and all you have to do is stick with the number you choose. But still sometimes, I choose the wrong one! 😆 And deciding on changing the number you hunt is on you. Sometimes, when I am impatient, I choose to change into different number at every 50 bets, and viola, the one I hunt before will comes out! Haha. Wrong move! But anyway, it is more fun to hunt, the feeling of hitting the target is just so amazing!

How about you? How do you do your hunt? What are your tricks? Will you share some to feed our hunting experiences?

Please do comment when you do have! Haha!

Wew I miss writing here! Its freeing! Rawr!
You can keep changing seeds and try the luck and as well I know few 30+ level members here who has not changed their seeds for months now and at days they do not hit big numbers and at days they hit the big multipliers like 1000x, 2000x etc very easily. For me it is more or less the luck that determines the win.

If it is your lucky day you end up winning or otherwise its just a bust day. So for them without even changing the seeds they win too.
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