how you did your martiangle?


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i think most of dice players are using martiangle, sometimes it success and give us a big win but alot of time too this strategy failed and give us big loses.
well... i just wanna know, how you did your martiangle and you had success on windice? i like to know what chance and increament you had used.
when i was new to gambling the only strat i knew was martingale and yes eventually it lead to many losses as seed wasn't in my favour.
Now i use martingale during my manual play i even play martingale on 2x 3x and even on 5x (on low base bet of course) after observing my seed.
Some time it work some times it don't :)

For auto my settings used to be
  1. 2x increment by 120%
  2. 2.2x increment by 100%
  3. 3x increment by 60%
  4. 3.3x increment by 55%
and so on just don't play auto bet for long you will surely loose in long run.