How to view all Crypto Coin Prices in single msg in Chat


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I have seen many users are unaware of how to combine the different crypto prices they want to view in the chat in a single message. So they check it individually and just this creates a more of a spam instead.

All know how to do it individually considering a btc as a example - We use the symbol !btc and hit enter to get a price.

In simpler way when we require multiple crypto coins prices in a single message here is the below how to do it.

!btc !ltc !eth !bnb !bch !xrp !doge in same line and press enter. You will have price of all coins in a single message and created less spam on chat.
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Where can I track cryptocurrency prices?
  • Cryptocurrency Price Trackers.
  • CoinMarketCap.
  • Coinlib.
  • Bitgur.
  • The Bottom Line.
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Refrain from posting jokes when the thread is informative to users and how they can learn to use the stuff on Windice. You got many other threads or can create one where you can joke around.