How to deal with your losses BIGTIME


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not everyday is christmas we all have our setbacks and at times lose so big we ending up like shit , so how do we deal with our gambling loss?

1. Play Mindfully
dont go guns blazing and put all your eggs on one basket , play reasonably if you think the outcome is impossible dont bet it like for example betting all your bankroll in 9990x within 1 roll thats pure luck you can do it though if you want to contest the heavens

2.Set limit
if you on a bad lossing streak and everything is not going your way stop have a break the casino is always there but your balance is it unlimited ? take reasonable profits with you yes you can make 1$ to 100$ but not always right ? why i say reasonable profits 20-30% of your depod amount , remember if your in this and planning long term, dont sprint youll end up sliding face first

3.set a fine line between fun and profits
yes we tend to win big at times but act like one time big time and play those profits like we have all the money in the world , set the profit mark you want to bust then stop win or loss gl guys ^_^ lets gamble