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First, I would like to apologize if this thread topic will look almost hundred % similar to other threads about Wincoins, I just, would like to share in this thread some more important details other posters might have missed in their posts that I see can help new comers more in getting ideas how they can build their Wincoins in daily basis.

So like what Newbies always ask, "How can I get more Wincoins. What are the other ways I can do to raise my available Wincoins successfully?"

So the very FIRST way to get Wincoins as explained by other posters and we all notice, there is a welcome bonus of Wincoins + EXP points for Newly registered accounts. They can also get Wincoins ranging from 50 to 300 from Moderators as welcome gift. But take note that it's not always that newly created accounts can get some. I have seen Moderators @helena214, @Bekyhig180 and @anonnep tipping some new members.
And logging in everyday gives you new set of Wincoins and more EXP points which can help you level up. The more EXP points you accumulate, the faster you level up.

1st day login you will get 10 Wincoins + 1EXP
2nd day login you will get 12 Wincoins + 20 EXP
3rd day login you will get 15 Wincoins + 40 EXP
4th day login you will get 25 Wincoins + 80 EXP
5th day login you will get 50 Wincoins + 150 EXP
6th day login you will get 75 Wincoins + 200 EXP
And 7th day login you will get 100 Wincoins + 500 EXP.


SECOND is by claiming Wincoins from faucet.
You can claim 30 - 55 times every 24 hours depending on the stars you already have.

For Zero stars you can claim upto 30 times every 24 hours.
For 1 star you can claim upto 35.
For 2 stars you can claim upto 40
For 3 stars you can claim upto 45
For 4 stars you can claim upto 50
And for 5 stars you can claim a total of 55 faucets per 24 hours.


The amount of each diamond will also depend on the VIP level you currently have.

Here is my example


Since I am currently at Level 26 and I have 3 stars, I have 45 faucet game available each day and I have 75% Wincoin faucet Bonus per claim.

As you can also notice in the Screenshot there is 550 wincoin tokens indicated below. That is the total Wincoins a player can get once he reach level 26. So meaning, everytime someone levels up, he/she also receives extra Wincoins real time.

THIRD, of course we all know this. The more we chat the more chances of catching more rains, Crypto and Wincoins. But as the moderators always say, avoid spamming and be constructive when chatting. It is also indicated in the faqs and chatrules that Rain rewards is randomly showered in all rooms every few minutes. And there is a total of 5 to 15 players who could get lucky in catching rain depending on how active and constructive they chat. For rain made by the system, a total of 15 players can catch. For rains made by moderators and players, a total of 5 -15 can catch depending on their choice. But take note that they don't have control who will be able to catch and who will not. Only the number of catchers so it's better not to complain if you are not one of the lucky catchers because you might get muted for doing so. Just continue chatting constructively since you have many chance to catch some in a day. Who knows some Moderators suddenly tip you 500 wincons for being constructive and always following rules. That's super cool.

FOURTH, you can get more Wincoins by participating in the trivias and sometimes hunts hosted by our lovely Moderators in each room. Wincoin rewards can range from 100 upto 1500 depending on the type of game a Moderator hosts. And the more trivia questions you answer and hunt targets you hit, the more you win Wincoins, the better you accumulate more tokens. Just a note though, some questions might be tricky and will require you to think harder but usually some questions are too easy to answer you just need to have your google ready and your fingers fast enough in typing and sending message. And your internet connection secured 😂

There is a Mod who host trivias in Daily basis in English room and his name is @Synyster. Usually he hosts before reset time. Other mods host their games in random hour and dates. So you have to be active enough to be able to join their chat games. And take note, it's not just Wincoins Mods use as reward to winners during the games, they also reward crypto coins depending on the currency they have available. One example is Moderator @siopaw who host mini hunts 4-5 times in a week and rewards winners with crypto + Wincoins. Moderator @mowmow also host a hunt game where players have to hunt 9900x in either Dice or Crash, or 1000x in Plinko and first 15 players who successfully provide her their bet ID will be rewarded 1000 Wincoins + 0.003 BNB.
The game starts on Friday and ends on Sunday every week. The cool thing about her hunt game is there is no minimum amount required and everyone can use wincoins to hunt. But you always have to check the announcement she posts in English room to get more Idea about her hunt.

I'm just sad I never get lucky on that game she hosts 😂

FIFTH, you can also join the radio event being hosted by the Windice moderator + DJ, Moderator @kryakrya . Just tag him and provide the link of the song you wanted him to play and make sure to confirm your song once it is played to be rewarded 100 Wincoins.

SIXTH, you can also join one more free to join event which is the Team vs Team hosted by another Moderator named Moderator @Peckatop . His game is held every Friday but you have to make sure to successfully register your name in the thread he post here in Forum before the game starts and show up during the game so you will not be disqualified.
He rewards TRX + wincoins to all winners.

This is his reward system
Prizepool 12
to be shared between winners:
1st place: 6
and 2000 wincoins
2nd place: 4
and 1500 wincoins
3rd place: 2
and 1000 wincoins

To know more about how the game works, etc, you can click this link
Thread 'Team vs Team Rollhunt Contest #166 (10/02 14:00 GMT+0)'

, you can also get Wincoins by joining the Forum Weekly Challenge/Contest which is held every Monday and Telegram Contests which is held 3 times per week.
For Forum Weekly Challenge/Contest, each participant will be rewarded 500 -1000 Wincoins aside from the 0.0052 BTC prizepool to be shared by all winners. So wether you are one of the Winners or not, you will still be rewarded tokens as long as you participated in the game. Same goes for the Telegram Challenge which is held every Mondays for Dice hunt, Wednesdays for Plinko hunt and Saturdays for Crash hunt. Aside from 30-35$ worth of Doge to be rewarded to the winners, a total of 5000 Wincoins will also be shared by all players who participated in each game.

There is also Wincoin Dice/Crash hunt being hosted by Moderator @Bekyhig180 in Telegram once a week

Prizepool is 20K Wincoins
6k for first prize
5k for 2nd prize
And 4k for the third.
Remaining 5k Wincoins are distributed to all other participants but still decision will depend on how many players participated in the contest.

EIGHTH, Of course we all know this, and this is one of the hardest. It is to grow your accumulated Wincoins even more by gambling those in games like Dice, Crash, Plinko or Roulette and making sure they multiply and never bust.

NINTH, and by far the rarest, it is through bonus codes or coupons. I have heard months ago Windice offers bonus codes to players who deposits. These bonus codes can be used to redeem 1000 Wincoins, if these codes are still active and redeemable. These coupons are also offered to all players on special occasions.

Lastly, which is very optional and usually the least option players resort to, is to purchase more Wincoins in Windice shop using their available cryptos.


Hopefully there will be many many more ways to accumulate more Wincoins in the future. Hahahaha!!

Hopefully this thread can totally help all new Windice players on how to accumulate more Wincoins daily, weekly and monthly. Just note though that unlike Cryptos, Wincoins reset everyday. You can't keep them forever. All you just need to do to have cool amount of Wincoins everyday is
Be active, join events and contests, play wisely, repeat.

Who knows one day when you wake up it will be start of you being one of the top 10 Winners in Daily Wincoin Contest and win cool amount of Doges each day. 😁
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