How old are you when you started gambling ?


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I started gambling when i was a kid at around 8 i think or younger , The first form of gambling i learned was playing cards called lucky 9, pusoy dos and monopoly , I played together with my cousins in our late grandma's house during our get togethers mostly christmas and summer , we would make wagers such as who would do the cleaning and later on evolve in wagering small cents, me being the youngest the so called (saling pusa) i always lose which made me eager to play. It stirred my inner excitement which hooked me more into playing.

as i grew up i learned to play billiards im no expert but my cousin is , so i always bet with him when he plays and take note no joke it was an easy money because he seldom lose even if he played against older guys .

Now here comes the casino , i started playing at the casino when a friend from college invited me to a hotel called midas along roxas blvd philippines dunno if that hotel casino still operating as of today , it was a small casino composed of slots and few tables with baccarats. Since i was waiting for my friend i tried to play on the baccarat table to try my luck that time the minimum bet was 100 peso (2 usd) and played with a few hundreds luckily my beginners luck kick in with just a few bets i made an additional profit 1k peso thus started my gambling saga with the casinos .
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