How Important is Wagering in Windice ?

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Wagering is hella important and wagering a decent amount would make you eligible to enter the daily wager contest wherein you'll get awarded with your efforts, continue that straight for a week to reap a weekly wager prize
Wager benefits/bonuses is one of the most important things you should check if you are betting on a casino online or what not, the returns youll get if you play for a longer time, the daily and weekly wager contest is just one of the perks ,The best wagering benefits that you should check is VIP system kindly refer to the picture below for exmple
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after you checked the wagering benefits and bonuses you'll get now you decided to give it a try, which would lead to the question on how to wager efficiently? there are tons of wagering strategies online I mean a lot. care to search it out, but with all the strategies I tried the simplest is still the BEST strategy which is feed the dice then recover that's it. but bear in mind that the recover part is the tricky part so always play smart and set losses/wins and wager goal.