How does Aptos differ from other layer 1 blockchains?


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Everyone is feeling like Aptos is a familiar name, it's true. Aptos blockchain is holding unique characteristics when compared to other layer1 blockchains. Let's take a closer look at the difference between Aptos & other blockchains.

Solana Vs Aptos: Solana can be considered one of the main rivals for the Aptos. Solana is one of the peak-performing layer1 blockchains in recent days. When it comes to speed, Aptos & Solana have a similar level of speed. Because they both rely on parallel engines. But Aptos is more reliable when compares to Solana.

Aptos is less prone to failure when compared to Solana. In the Aptos blockchain, every block will be connected to both the leader block & nearby blocks in the blockchain. If the leader block fails, it will connect to the nearby blocks & eliminates the failures.

Aptos Vs Avalanche: According to some collected early reports, Aptos outperforms Avalanche in testing conditions. But in the real world, Aptos completes transactions 0.3 seconds faster than Avalanche. When it comes to TPS, Avalanche can go about 4500, but Aptos can do around 130K to 160K.

Aptos Vs Ethereum: Already we know that the Aptos blockchain has beaten Ethereum in speed. This happens due to the hardware design. Ethereum has only one CPU core, on the other hand, Aptos operates on 16. Yet Ethereum has indestructible reliability & popularity.

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