How does an entrepreneur earn by launching a move to earn an app similar to Stepn?


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The Stepn platform will reward its users with Tow kinds of tokens such as GST & GMT

GST - Green Satoshi Token

Users can earn green satoshi tokens, by participating in the events such as jogging, walking, running, and more. The GST tokens can be used as in-game assets.

GMT - Green Metaverse Token

GMT tokens can be earned by participating in unique premium events & games. The profit generated from the events will be distributed in the GMT form. The GMT token will be used for maximizing your sneaker levels or minting it with the new Sneaker NFT.

The above-mentioned are revenue-generating methods for users.

If you are an entrepreneur or business looking to launch an app similar to Stepn, you will get part of the profit or fees for the in-game tasks performed by the users such as minting, trading, renting, etc. You can launch an app similar to Stepn using the Stepn clone script.