How Do I Train My Brain to Stop Worrying?


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1.Be Real With How You Feel.

Self-confession is key. Don't deny your feelings--they are legitimate and they don't make you weak or broken. Once you embrace them and come to terms that you're powerless over your condition, work in community and accountability in making drastic new lifestyle changes to deal with your emotions.

2.Be OK With Some Things Being Oit Of Your Control.

Many times, your worries are a direct result of the fact that you're not in control of everything. The things that are in your control, you can manage just fine. So take your foot off the gas pedal, take one thing at a time, and focus on what's immediately in front of you. This will help to ease some of the discomfort you experience from your anxiety.

3.Be Conscious Of Your Intentions.

Throughout the day, check in with yourself. When you sense that control may be slipping away, pause, take a breath, and revisit your intention. Take notice of how the quality of your work shifts every hour, as you become more conscious of your intentions.

"We train our awareness so that we become less distracted by our own thinking, which allows us to enjoy our lives more, to be more present with people, and to see our world, both inner and outer, with greater clarity."
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