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June is finally ending and July is nearing. It's been what? 6 Months since this pandemic started spreading and claiming lives? And 4 months since social distancing and lockdowns started taking effect in some to most countries? Months since businesses closed down and people living life without work. Lucky are those who can still find ways to continue living despite this international crisis. Those who are able to find solutions to continuously support their daily needs because of online businesses. Lucky are those who can still work despite their offices closing down because of the work-from-home idea. A month ago, or should I say, 2months ago if I'm not mistaken, some parts of some countries started opening businesses again. Some establishments started operating again. Others are finally able to go back to work. But things still aint going back to normal completely. As people start going outside of their safe zones, new cases are starting to boom again. Becoming on the rise again.
My question is, how are you now? I hope you all continue to protect yourselves from this virus and I hope you all never forget to do the right thing. Keep yourself and your family safe always. Stay away from interacting too much in the outside world. Do not forget the word "social distancing" and always wear face masks and protective shields as much as possible. Sanitize your hands all the time and never go on places that are too crowded. Stay at home if it's not too necessary for you to go somewhere. Make yourselves and your surroundings clean as much as possible too. And of course, never let your resistence go down. Always stay healthy and fit. And lastly, pray. Pray that you and your family will always be protected from these viruses. Always remember that it's better to be extra careful always than doing some actions only when it's already late cuz its already hitting you. Remember, this virus has no plans of resting. It's just there, waiting for you to do one wrong move. It's just there, waiting for the final moment to hunt down and claim lives again. So friends, I say, always stay extra cautious. Always be careful, stay safe and sound wherever you are. 😇🙏
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Кстати зарегался по ссылке и до сих пор ZEN покупаю! Отличный проект! Спасибо))))
Кстати зарегался по ссылке и до сих пор ZEN покупаю! Отличный проект! Спасибо))))
Yeah it really is a great project as I can see. Their community and keeps growing more and more. And they have this monthly zen contest. I am actually wanting that zen to be added here in Windice so we can use it too for playing. :) And thank you too. :)