Having fun in gambling until its no longer fun anymore 😔


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They say gambling is fun. It is so exciting. Specially when you win a lot and you win huge. Really fun when you are able to profit and cashout huge from only a small amount of money gambled. But how long can this fun last?

It's really fun and amazing when you keep winning. Seeing your balance from only 5$ slowly turning into hundred or thousand dollars but the moment your earned profit goes down until it turns zero, that fun is finally over and all you can say is "damn".

Some even say gambling is addictive. Because the moment you learn how to gamble and experience winning, you'll start feeling the pleasure of wanting to play more. The worst thing is, many gamblers are losing control. The moment reds attack and eat your available balance, you'd start gambling even more desiring to chase your loses. And the funny thing is, even if you have actually already recovered what you lost, you still continue playing because the truth is you wanted to get more than what you lost. You are desiring for higher profit but because your winning moment is already exhausted your next deposit which was supposed to be "only for recovery" turned out to be "another big loss". Then you deposit again, and again and again and again until all your money is gone in the wind, eaten by these slots, eaten by casinos. Some, or should I say many gamblers are even pushing it further, deciding to take loans just so they can have money to gamble even more.

Lucky are those who gambles but knows how to control everything. From their desire to play, down to the money they use to gamble with. But for people who already are addicted to gambling, it's such a poor thing. Because they can no longer have control. The fact is, some businessmen would even declare bankruptcy because they get addicted to gambling and they dont stop until they get everything they lost. Many people have their debts piling up because of continuous loan applications and the reason is, again, gambling. Also, because of the depression these heavy gamblers get after such loses, they would tend to have another addiction which is drinking. And the worst part is, according to studies, many people actually suicide or has suicidal attempts because of addiction not in liquor or drugs but in gambling.

These heavy gamblers do not know as well how and when to stop. As long as they see ways on how they can have money to gamble, they will not stop, not even take a break. They would just keep jumping from one casino to another, trying to see where they can get the luck that once got lost. They will exhaust everything hoping they will get bigger than what they had and what they lost.

But we all know it's not always Christmas. We will win yes but on rare occasions only. It's not a win win all the time.

I know because I'm becoming one of them. I may not play a lot here in Windice but I keep playing heavy in these local slots casinos, leading me to lose even more, eating my available balances and continuously taking loans just so I have money to use again. And this. Is very dangerous. A very serious problem that I need to stop. Sharing this one just so you all would know. Hope this helps.

Stay safe everyone, dont gamble too hard and too much. Dont lose everything. 🙂😔😌🙏
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Should i say this is gambling cautious? 😳
Not gambling cautious but gambling cautions hahaha. Because once a gambler becomes addicted to it, it becomes a caution 🥺

Only those who have control in gambling can be considered gambling cautious
Ohh so sorry to hear Charo! I always thought you did great with the hunts and forum but didn’t know about your ”other” adventures.. I hope you manage to take control of this addiction!
Ohh so sorry to hear Charo! I always thought you did great with the hunts and forum but didn’t know about your ”other” adventures.. I hope you manage to take control of this addiction!

Yes doing great always with forum and telegram hunts and I'm happy I am able to profit almost weekly and yes that is the sad truth, some of those I won here, I lose them on local slots casinos which is very disgusting heartbreaking and annoying. I do hope so too I'm even thinking now to just stick to Windice only and no longer visit those slots casinos anymore. I will no longer push my luck on those sites anymore