Happy mother's day


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I know I am already late in greeting, but better be late than never right.? Hahaha! And apologies for I have been very busy with my own celebration as well since it was also my 31'st birthdate. Lol
Anyways, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to windice moms namely @fairylean, @izachko66, @Bekyhig180, to our lovely moderator @elyte0nes and to all other windice moms. And to all mothers around the world. This whole month, let's love our moms even more. Let's all show our appreciation. And tell them how happy we are for being their child, apologize for being hard-headed/ stubborn at times and for being naughty. Lol. Thank her for the sacrifices she made from the day we started breathing inside her womb up to this day. And forget the hatred we have for our moms despite their stubbornness too. :D Since after all, they still are our mom. :)

For husbands, say thank you to your second mom, your wife. :D for giving birth to your child/ children and for loving you continuously despite her saying 'i hate you' at times, and for doing her best to play her role as a wife and mom. :)
For men who already have a child/children with their ex's, say thank you to her/them. For bearing your child/children and for taking care of them despite your broken relationships. :) Show even a little appreciation. :)

Let's all say 'i love you' everyday, starting today til the very day that we still can..
It is a very short line. But gives a very deep impact to a mother's heart. :)


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for windice dads, don't worry and dont feel envy. I will have the same thread specially for you guys next month. Hahaha!!

Cheers everyone!! 🥂🍾
I know it’s late but iI wish your mom a happy mother’s day🌷 better late than never😅
I know it’s late but iI wish your mom a happy mother’s day🌷 better late than never😅
Yeah so true. But for the whole month of celebration, it never is too late. Hihi. Thanks sis and happy mom's day to your mom, aunts, grandmoms, and cousins too. :)
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