Happy Friendship Day


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International Friendship day was on 30th July 2022 for the year. But in some countries celebration happens on first Sunday of August. We all know how important a friend's role play in our life. If you make the friendship with right people you are sorted else you are ruined.

So if you would like to share the experience or story with your best friend or want to walk us through your memory lane fell free to do so.

"A good friend knows all your stories. A best friend helped you create them"

yes happy friend day lately xd . hope we all have a friend who always support in our good and bad days :) btw true friends are to rare now a days
Happy friendship day to both you. Hope you both find someone who is there not only when he needs your help but also there when you need him. Not just in happy moments but in sad times too. Enjoy and goodluck always friends. Take a lotta care. ^^; ^^;