GREED, is it really that bad or not at all?


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When we say or hear the word GREED, we immediately think it is a negative word. But is greed really bad at all?

Actually it's a NO.

Greed is not bad at all, like other traits, it has both NEGATIVE and POSITIVE effect. But like what I have read, it should be used wisely.

One good thing about Greed is that it is a good form of motivation. It helps us in motivating ourselves to become the better version. It drives us to work harder, take risks, and innovate in order to achieve our goals. It pushes us to strive harder to be very successful in life and can be very helpful for economic growth. Without GREED, people will not think about working hard for a better tomorrow.

According to what I have read online it says, greed is considered to be an important motivation behind economic growth and prosperity, making it good for society as a whole. It is a powerful motivator that drives people to accumulate wealth, power, and possessions. It often manifests as an insatiable desire for more, at the expense of others and the greater good.

One more positivity about GREED according to what I have read is, "Greed, when channeled appropriately, can lead to generous acts of philanthropy and charitable giving. Some individuals accumulate great wealth through their pursuit of financial success and, in turn, use their resources to make a positive impact on society."

The negative effect of GREED is that, it can never make people really happy and satisfied in the long run. The scary thing about it is that a person which turns to be really greedy can have an intense desire to have more material possession and and wealth and once they started focussing mainly on accumulating more of these things, they become so obsessed with money and possessions and even power hungry. This can lead a greedy person to be doing very bad and can ruin good relationships. Because GREED means to have more than what an individual already had and can get, greedy people sometimes end up being selfish and disregards others' feelings, breaking someone's trust and even manipulate others just so they can get what they desire to have, for their personal gain.
CRAB MENTALITY can be connected to this. Greedy people can and will do anything and everything they can even if it means pulling others down so they can get what they want.
GREED, when not used properly and accordingly, can ruin families and other relationships, career and oneself. For families because when one greedy person start desiring for more wealth and power they will no longer settle down to the extent that they start having lesser and lesser time for their family and friends. Career and oneself because once they already feel the discontentment, they will come to the point of risking and gambling everything they have just so they can have more and once they fail, they start getting mental health issues like stress, exhaustion, anxiety, depression, and despair. This can lead them to not think properly, financial mismanagement and ones total downfall.

The same thing happens to people who are playing in Casinos. Most people in CASINOS who turns out to be greedy are having a hard time controlling their gambling habits. Because they are greedy, they desire to have more money even if they already won a lot leading them to lose everything instead in the end. Because they no longer have control.


They only think about themselves. Only me" and "mine". They do not think about others.
They only think about the immediate result they don't think about what will be the long term impact of their decision.
They are not good in maintaining boundaries. They will compromise moral values and ethics to achieve their goals

We all are greedy in many different ways. What kind of a greedy one are you, for the better purpose or worse?