Getting familiar with the game dice at Windice.


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Before checking for a better strategy for dice that suited your gaming activity, we have to get to know first what dice in Windice is. To actually know how this actually works. Well start in studying the system and the mechanics of the game. Familiarizing with the system is quite easy. All games here in windice except roulette can be played by either manually or in auto. Manually, where you are the one who have to pressed roll button whilst in auto the system is actually pressing the roll for you in a continuous manner except where I would discussed after manual betting..

So how does manual rolling works?

In manual rolling, like the attached photos above, you can increase your bet base into double or even make it in max (all in) or be back again in your base bet by simply pressing the x2 or max or min every bet you will make as shown in yellow box. I love using manual rolling because you can either bet in, in or out and when your guess was right it was so much much fun! And you can also move and change your preferred number! Say 9998-9999.

Meanwhile, in Auto bet, if your fingers grows tired of rolling manually OR nature call you up, you can set it up in auto like as shown below!

Screenshot (18).jpg

What I love in auto bet is I can actually set up my preferred roll count or the maximum coins I want to bet, you can set up something like I will stop at 1000 rolls win or lose, like that outlined blue box shown above, sometimes I wanted to set up 100 wincoins only in a few minutes or any coins you preferred. Or you can also set up what loss count you want or what win count you preferred for these hour. If you want to max out no need to change those "unlimited" words. What amazing here is you can actually set up your base bet and increased it in every bet, for example, if you will look at the one outlined in yellow box, if you want to increase your bet for example 10% of your base bet, say your base bet is 1 wincoin, and when you did not reach your target your second bet will be 1.1 and then again it is red again the bet will become 1.21 and so on after you hit the target. But if you don't want to increase your bet base you can leave this behind and just let it stay to reset to base. It also applies on "on win" case. I love to fill up these two (increases in lose or win) specially when I am using the strategy add up for loss and when win achieved come back again to base bet.
Of course these strategy works depends on your target (most cases as I have observed these works on higher targets)! And you really need to have a large amount of coins to achieved your goal for these strat. So I am still studying which is the best strategy where I can win. I also want to recommend, these top five strategy in dice written by San4osss. Link is this, Hope these helps you out to learn whatever strategies you want to improve!
So if I miss something up guys specially those who have master these games please add down below. Hope this helps for the new gamblers in the house!. Thanks!
More luck for us!

"Bond didn't defend the practice. He simply maintained that the more effort and ingenuity you put into gambling, the more you took out.”
― Ian Fleming, Casino Royal


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Well said. But if you ask me if there really is a great strat in playing like in dice, crash and plinko, well there are good strategies to use but always remember that these strategies cannot be used long enough. Which means, you gotta keep changing your previously used strategy for each game you do or make. There are also nice strategies shown/shared in youtube. You can try to study and follow those but always bear in mind that not all great strategies will work for everyone else. Some will work for some, some won't. Cuz it depends again on timing and the seed you're currently using. The only best strategy everyone can follow and duplicate is, pausing after multiple bets win or lose. Having a good break after long hours of playing. Cuz the longer you play, the higher the chance of you getting more reds and losing more than what you can afford to lose. 😊 Just set your today's goal, like how much you wanted to raise, play safe and do not be greedy. Stop when you have already achieved your today's goal. That's it. 😁👌🏻