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While we are betting we have this self taught beliefs that this and that will win or something like conciously or unconciously

One thing i can say with my experience is "constantly looking for the system that will beat the casino" ill go like oh this system works and at the later time busted this goes on and on and on from one system to another but in the end al doesnt work (but if you guys have a perfect system wink wink share share)

so what to do with this ? lets face it guys we cant beat the house, embrace the odds of the game and the house edge and let the rule of chance play its part

any gambling myths you would like to share ? please do comment down below :) gl and have fun
gambling myth 2
wear your shirt upside down it will increase your luck =))
Gambling Myth #8: Previous bets have an effect on your current odds.

For example: If you've flipped heads 20 times in a row, that DOES NOT mean tails is more likely on the next flip. The next flip is obviously 50/50.

True probabilities only reveal itself over larger and larger sample sizes. It is possible for 9900x to pop up 3 times within 10,000 bets and then may not show up for another 40,000 bets. Only after 100,000 bets can you expect it to have shown up around 8-12 times.