Gambling is a game, Manage your risk.


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Due to pandemic issue a lot of online games has evolved and many of us has make it as a habit of entertaining ourselves, after a long day of a tiring work.

Others, simply got too much affected with it to the point that they slowly risk their savings or money intended for buying daily expenses. And worst is loaning just to play to get back what they lose.

I have read a lot of confession about it, a wife has written her hate to online gambling due to her husbands addiction to gambling. Wherein she put a lot of effort to earn the money and used it as a capital for her online selling business but, her husband use it as capital for betting. My gawd that was a very disturbing issue.

I too enjoy playing and gambling as a leisure specially on windice, but I always play what I can afford to lose. Yes it wasn't easy to accept that you lose because it plays big impact on your mind. But thats gambling! You either play to lose or win. You have to understand that whenever you roll a dice or get the rocket to the moon.

Win or Lose. Thats the game. You can either make your capital equalize, but were is the fun in that. So game to play, game for the fun, do not risk your money intended for other purposes, you might get rekt!

How to manage risk?
1. Put only the capital that is 'extra' on your money. On my end, I only play 10$ when I wanted to try gaming or want play for fun. Or have to catch some during rains, and faucet to try my luck. It was only small but, that is only what I can afford to lose.

2. Try joining the weekly and daily hunt. They say that the it is a good strategy to continue playing and having fun, exhilarating specially when you hit the target. The odds though are simply hard to get, but I play only those that don't need much capital and easy to play. Btw if you haven't join on one, it is cool!

3. Always save your capital, when winning. Try to stop when there are a lot of reds showing. That is one of a more strategic way to lessen up red marks.

4. Always, remind your self that this is gambling, know your exit and know your entry!

Manage your risk or else you'll get burned with your wife. Always remember the house always wins. So better be smart!

Yayy so far I still find Windice a home, a playground and one of my favorite site to visit! Ciao Ciao.