FUN Token Becomes One of Six Coins to Be Listed on Binance Locked Savings


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In another milestone for FUN, the token got listed on Binance's savings program where users can earn interest on their FUN Token holdings. FUN Token became one of only six coins in the Locked Savings program, joining the likes of BTC, USDT, and LINK.

Binance Savings allows users to avail two savings options:

1. Locked Savings where users can lock in FUN Tokens for a specified period of time, accrue interest for that period of time, and then redeem the total amount. Locked Savings afford higher rates of interest.

2. Flexible Savings where users can commit their FUN Tokens and redeem them anytime they want. Users accrue interest for the period of time they subscribe. Flexible Savings provide a lower rate of interest but higher flexibility.

FUN Token holders can now earn up to 45% APY on their holdings.
FUN token has being drastically falling and in 3-4 months only it has almost fallen by 2/3rd price. Remember it was at 120 sats or so at that time and now somewhere trading at 40 sats. As well many had invested in this token but seems its nothing more than losing money and will lead to opposite of FUN i.e sad mood when investors see their portfolio falling due to this token.