Food Debasement


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Diet is the most essential part for every organism providing essential supplements for growth and development. A proper diet has the content of all nutritions that help in proper functioning of life. However, a little alter in diet affects life very severely.

Nowadays, food debasement culture in Pakistan is increasing day by day. None can find pure food, let it be fruits and veggies, milk or meat or any other product.

This has resulted in high risk of diseases that mainly include hormones alternations. Food debasement has high risk of hormone alternations in girls especially causing early puberty in young girls and early menopause in young women.

Foods with preservatives do not only have a changed taste but have effect on production and secretion of hormones by actions on glands, nervous reflexes and alteration in different concentration metabolites in blood. Futhermore, databased food have various chemicals processed in them causing several other body conditions including food allergies, obesity and overweight and things like that natures.

Thus, to have a good body maintained one has to be conscious about diet they intake. One must include all nutritions to their diet to have proper maintenance and growth.
Foods like red meat, processed food, caffeine and dairy products cut off a healthy hormone production and balance so these should be avoided. Always prefer self grown fruits and veggies and milk and meat from domesticated animals.

Thus, only good food and a healthy diet is the key to a healthier life and longer lifespan so eat healthy and stay hearty